"The Dance Whisperer"

"Kristin Sudeikis has developed a following for her contemporary dance classes that borders on the devout. " 

"Five dance teachers with superpowers " 

"Sudeikis is as emotionally generous as she is quick-witted and observant, and wise beyond her years. "

"A fountain of positive energy, Sudeikis finds unique ways to encourage dancers to develop their artistic voices. "

Dance Teacher Magazine


"She is magic. The most humble and talented rockstar in the world."

Asa Fornander, NIKE International Master Trainer, Dancer in Sweden


"All I can say is AMAZING…Kristin Sudeikis’ artistry, passion, knowledge and encouragement empowered students and adults alike."

Judith Molina, MaryGrove College Institute of Music & Dance in Detroit


"Kristin Sudeikis is with no doubt an asset for Peridance Capezio Center and her class is one of the most popular classes here!! From the moment she started teaching at Peridance people were drawn to her like a magnet and there are many good reasons for that. Kristin created "I am You" for our Peridance Contemporary Dance Company, a beautiful loving and personal work which was well received by our audiences. Working with her was creative, collaborative and of course a lot of fun!! her personality and the way she crafts her work was an inspiration not only to our professional company dancers but to the entire student based at Peridance"

Yarden Ronen, Director of Peridance Capezio Center


"I have known Kristin since she was a high school dancer and being amazed at her innovative and brilliant choreography at such a young age. Through the years, her choreography has continued to inspire young dancers and to reach within their inner soul to feel the emotional touch of how a true passion for dance can fulfill an aspiring dream. Kristin creates an atmosphere of excitement in each of her classes and connects with the dancers through her innovative style. She remains a huge dance icon within our industry and we look forward to having her teach each year."

Joyce E. Pennington, Pres. CEO; American Dance/Drill Team


"Kristin is an artist who moves with integrity and authenticity. She is a strong contributing force to the creative process and always an inspiration. She exudes passion, intelligence and joy. It is an honor and a pleasure to know her"

Wes Veldink, Choreographer, Director