Women in Dance Conference

Kristin will be speaking on a panel called 'Dancing For Social Change' + presenting contemporary master classes at the Inaugural Women in Dance Conference in Baton Rogue.

The Women In Dance festival's mission is to investigate, explore, and reflect on women’s leadership by representing innovative and multicultural dance work to celebrate, develop, and promote women’s leadership in dance making, dance related fields, and other male dominated professions. 

Inspired by the unique circumstances of having women in leadership in the dance community in Baton Rouge, LA, this biennial festival will investigate, explore, and reflect on women’s leadership by inviting world-renowned dance makers/ artists /scholars /directors to Baton Rouge for a 4-day conference, as part of a mentorship program for up and coming creators and choreographers. Through keynote speaks, discussion panels, master classes, creative process sessions, film screening, and performances, this festival will identify Baton Rouge as a viable location for national conferences in women’s leadership development, serve to promote women’s leadership development, and as a catalyst for cultivation of an ongoing dialogue within all performing arts communities in the U.S. Find out more here: https://womenindance.com/

Kristin Sudeikis