CoolNY 2014 Dance Festival

Kristin Sudeikis was interviewed by Conversing With Choreographers in the lead up to the CoolNY 2014 Dance Festival.

Interviewer: You have done a lot of work in recent years with organizations that promote health, safety and empowerment for women and girls.  Can you talk a bit about what got you started with that particular community and how you feel that work has changed you/your work?

KS:  Dance, in my opinion, is one of, if not, the most healing art form on the planet. When I first heard about the human trafficking epidemic (as I was standing in the hallway at Peridance Capezio Center in NYC about to rehearse)  I felt completely paralyzed, top to bottom. Next question I asked myself - what can I do? And I began... Read the full interview:

Kristin Sudeikis